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Next Generation FUE Hair Transplant in Toronto

It’s been a process, but hair loss technology has come a long way since the standard practice of strip hair transplant surgeries. In a fashion-conscious city like Toronto, hair transplant technologies seem to grow in popularity around celebrities and A-listers first. FUE has revealed remarkable results for those in the public eye who restore their hair using follicular unit extraction. Now it’s one of the most straightforward solutions for hair loss, available for both men and women. FUE is also the least traumatic to the scalp and carries the highest success rate yet. Read on to learn what’s exciting about today’s hair restoration surgery options.

Using specialized punch tools and automated technology, the shaft and bulb of the hairs are harvested along with important surrounding tissues. The grafts are typically 1mm or less in diameter, and the graft holes close over very quickly. A tiny rotatory is punched to harvest micro-units of just 1-3 hairs at a time.

Graft Replacement and Hair Restoration Recovery

At our clinic, our surgeon carefully strategizes the natural-looking placement of grafts through tiny slits created between existing hairs. These grafts are placed in the correct direction, thickness and patterns to mimic natural hair growth and hairline shape, flawlessly.

The donor hairs are harvested from an area of dense growth on the scalp. For men, this is typically at the back and sides. These hairs are usually resistant to DHT and will have good staying power where they are implanted as well.

The best technology for hair transplant in Toronto allows for tiny grafts to be carefully removed from the site with a micro-punch and robotic, intelligent technology. The surgeon operates the equipment and artfully creates implant locations, however advanced devices mean accelerating the procedure time dramatically and ensuring very precise extractions. Meticulous and reliable graft removal increases their survival and limits scalp trauma. The missing follicles don’t create spaces, and the donor site will blend in thoroughly with the rest of the hair within a week or two.

Reasons you might be experiencing hair loss

Alopecia is another way to term thinning hair and hair shedding. Many factors lead to this condition, and the good news is that not all of these are permanent. Androgenetic alopecia refers to the genetically related, permanent hair loss that 70% of men and up to 50% of women experience.

Other reasons of your hair loss, thinning, or sudden bald patches may be related to health or medication. Telogen effluvium describes a temporary change in the number of hair follicles that are actively growing hair, and consequent hair fall or thinning. Usually, the sparsity of hairs is noticed more on the top of the head and a hair part, than the temples, back or side of the head.

People who experience emotional trauma, stress or surgery may find their experience triggers significant hair loss. Thyroid dysfunction and iron deficiency anemia have also been linked to hair thinning. Antidepressants may cause temporary hair fall, and hormonal shifts during pregnancy or menopause are also connected to this issue in females.

If you notice a sudden change in hair that’s concerning, it’s essential you talk about it with your doctor. It may be linked to changes in your health. If hair loss is due to temporary causes, it can be restored through nutrition, medications like Minoxidil or Propecia and medical grade shampoo.

We take a personalized approach to ensure that your consultation helps to identify your concerns, determine the causes for your hair loss and reveals the best hair transplant procedure options to help you reach your goals.

The revolutionary FUE system allows for ultra-realistic, micro-hair transplant grafts. It’s the perfect long-term antidote to balding and doesn’t require a complicated operation. Instead, it’s an efficient and effective in-office surgical procedure.

Is There a Hair Growth Cycle?

Learn about: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

It is a fact that hair will grow an average of 6 inches each year. However, the growth cycle is irregular, and we are continually losing hairs as well, at a rate of up to 150 hairs per day.

At any given time, the hairs on our head are in one of these stages:

1. Anagen: This is the growing phase of the hair cycle. Rapid cell division at the hair root causes growth of about 1 cm every month. The anagen phase accounts for about 90% of all hairs on the scalp and can last up to 8 years.

2. Catagen: This is the transitional stage, and it lasts for about 2-3 weeks. It only accounts for 3% of your hairs at any given moment. The hair root will shrink during this brief phase and slow hair growth.

3. Telogen: This is the hair resting phase. At all times, between 6% and 8% of all hairs are likely in this inactive stage.

What are the advantages of a FUE Hair Transplant ?

A few of the top benefits for ARTAS hair transplant are:

-A completely natural look. A hair transplant is a personal, private choice that many don’t wish to make public. Luckily, with FUE, the results are so natural, no one will know. The ‘hair plug’ look is completely avoided, naturally placing micro-grafts and restoring your own real, natural hair.

-Virtually invisible scarring. In the past, hair implant procedures would remove large strips of hair and then transfer large, noticeable plugs. With FUE, incredibly small, micro-fine hair grafts are extracted and placed individually. This creates a realistic look and eliminates the need for apparent scars.

-Hair transplants in Toronto can be completed in a single, in-office procedure. Because FUE is so well designed, the entire process for replacing the new, growing head of hair takes about 5-6 hours.

-Short downtime. Patients no longer require a long, painful recovery process after their transplant. They can typically wash their hair and resume many activities within just a few days.

-Minimal discomfort. Your scalp will be adequately numb during treatment so you can pass the time comfortably and relaxed. Post-procedure, you can expect mild swelling and sensitivity for a few days.

Some Facts About Hair Restoration With No Linear Scar

1. FUE has a success rate of over 90%, which means there are more healthy implanted grafts that take hold and thrive where they are placed.

2. In just one year, patients see a considerable change in their hair. They gain thicker, growing hair that can be washed, styled and treated like their own. Because it is their own, the results that this Transplant technology produces makes it the best hair restoration on the market. Our patients start to notice hair growth as quickly as three months after their hair replacement procedure.

3. We’ll explain all the details you need to know about your most effective and safe treatment options. That will help you take the next step toward regaining your confidence and the thick, full hair of your youth.

4. The fact is that almost 2 out of every three men suffer from hair loss. Some men start the process as young as age 20. The quick recovery available for men and women means that permanent hair restoration is a realistic possibility today. Your solution is just a consultation away.

Toronto FUE

Once thought to be the domain of celebrities and “A-listers”, hair transplant procedures are seeing price drops and popularity soar. They have become an option for everyone, not just those with an extraordinary amount of disposable income, in other words.

With new solutions available to address hair loss, Toronto men can once again embrace the hairstyle of their dreams. Despite how prevalent it is, the impact of male pattern baldness will be a thing of the past with our belief that our procedure should not only be available for the rich and famous to afford. Whether you would love to have that sophisticated fade or sexy curls, with the FUE hair transplant you can look like a stylish celebrity too.

Natural-looking and effective hair restoration solutions are now available for everyone from regular guys to A-list celebrities and offer both a self-esteem boost and a permanent solution.

Getting a consultation at our hair transplant center in Toronto will involve going over your concerns about your hair and its potential causes as well as a discussion about the restoration options available to you. We’ll then look at an overview of the best treatment selections our experts recommend.

The consultation offers vital information about the procedure, including a detailed explanation of the hair loss procedure, how it is performed, and what you should expect for your recovery.

We’ll take photographs prior to the procedure to establish a starting point so we may track your results over time. We personalize a quote for our client’s and then establish a plan for the future so you can get the best results possible.

What are the best options for hair transplant surgery in Toronto today? In recent years, there have been two primary procedures for hair restoration. The first is strip hair transplant surgery known as FUSS or FUT. The second option is one more recently made common. It’s known as the follicular unit extraction, or FUE, and it is now an available option for clients.

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FUE Hair Transplant

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the next best thing for hair transplants after FUT (follicular unit transplant). The treatment for FUE involves removing individual follicles with a punch device that makes a tiny hole and extracts the hair with its root intact.

Find out if you could be a candidate for the next best hair transplant FUE at our new Nova Medical Hair Transplant Toronto & renew your celebrity status.

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Best FUE

In Toronto

Celebrities have long been able to find the leading-edge, most effective solutions in the hair transplant industry, especially when it comes to FUE, and gain flawless results. Today, however, this hair restoration procedure can help men of all means with their hair loss in Toronto. Answer our few simple questions to see if you can be the next candidate for the FUE Hair Transplant.

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FUE Treatment

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary type of hair loss. Because it is hereditary, it will eventually overcome individuals even with a healthy lifestyle, supplements and medications. The hair loss experience might be slowed down, in other words, but not stopped. The only way to completely restore the hair lost is by a hair transplant, giving you a transformative and long-lasting solution. Genetic hair loss is a more common issue than we might like to consider, even impacting men as young as 20. Supplements and topical treatments are often exhausted first as the affected people search for an effective hair loss cure, but this tends to result in disappoint and frustration. For long term and noticeable results, surgical remedies to hair loss are often the best option.

Minimally Invasive

Strip transplant is still used today and used to be considered the highest standard hair restoration procedure available. The technique is now becoming less common. There are a few different reasons for that, including images of obvious of “plug” donor locations dominating someone’s hairline as well as the linear, long scar that the procedure left on the back of the head. The incision typically taken from the back of the head is due to the hairs that usually remain for men who’ve gone bald, as these healthy follicles have a higher success rate when being transferred.

The incision of hair follicles from this area is a risk when removing the strip. Great care has to be taken not to sever any follicles, and because of this, the success rate for strip transplant procedures is reduced.

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FUE Procedure Toronto

The small holes at the donor site with FUE should close up within a few days after the procedure has been completed, at which point in time regular daily activity can resume. New growth is typically seen within 3-4 months with full results seen by 1 year.

The main difference between today’s gold standard in hair transplant methods, FUE, and the old favorite, strip transplants, is that FUE does not remove strips of scalp tissue, nor does it result in a linear scar. FUE is not only used for your scalp but also for facial hair transplantation as well. Hair that does not grow correctly for eyebrows, beards, sideburns, or scars can easily be fixed with the FUE hair transplant. Our experts can easily replace or camouflage any type of hair loss issue you may have.

How it Works

Before FUE

Preparation for the procedure is extremely easy. The doctor will first buzz the patient’s hair in order to get a visualization of the targeted hairs on the scalp that will be targeted.

Donor zone size may vary depending on client needs. The extraction process varies as well, and some may require return visits for the best results. With a powerful microscope used, the grafts are further inspected for precise placement, with our experts inspecting up to 1-4 hairs at a glance. To extend the longevity of the follicles used and to help prevent the growth of bacteria, they can be chilled at this point. Each hair is then carefully inserted to create a natural hairline and to mimic usual hair growth patterns. This process may take anywhere from 6-8 hours. Patients will receive a scalp numbing injection prior to the procedure and can watch television or read for a more comfortable experience. After the procedure is finished, patients may feel mild swelling and head sensitivity this is expected to last a few days after the procedure.

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After FUE

Healing time may vary, but with FUE, recovery is much faster compared to previous strip transplant methods. The incisions made during surgery are nearly invisible, and patients may begin regular activity within a couple of days post-procedure.

The latest and most advanced FUE devices work on a microscopic level, an innovative new approach that has transformed the hair transplant industry. These leading technologies extract follicles faster than ever before, lowering procedure time to an astonishing 5-6 hours. The tiny incisions made to extract follicles leave behind almost nonexistent scars compared to the FUT procedure. As a result, our patients may return to their normal lives quickly and without the need to tell anyone the procedure was done.

FUE leaves an almost instant visible improvement and full results for our clients develop within a year post procedure.

With FUE methods, post-procedure care is very simple. Mild swelling may occur for a few days. Gentle care and the avoidance of infection risks, such as using hot tubs or swimming in pools, will reduce a patient’s risk of infection for the first few days post procedure. The natural growth cycle is started once after an initial shed and new hairs may be seen as early as 3 months, then the hair will continue to fill in and thicken. The patient will be left with their own real hair.

Our “take” rate is high – sometimes more than 90%. This means no more than 1 procedure may be needed for our patients. Hair loss in Toronto is a thing of the past with FUE.

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