How can you ensure that your Toronto hair transplant results are fabulous?

Aside from choosing a top-notch hair surgeon for hair transplant in Toronto, there are several factors in the patient’s hands as well. Here, we’ll list 5 of the critical ways a patient can avoid complications and see optimal results.

1. Go to your follow up appointments

If your surgeon doesn’t have plans to see you during the post-operative phase, this can be a warning of problems ahead. One of the downsides related to travel for hair transplants is that follow up care can be missed. During the first 1 – 2 weeks, while your tiny scalp incisions are healing, you should have access to ask questions, receive detailed instructions and have your trusted surgeon available to assess your scalp, keeping you on track.

2. Don’t touch the donor or graft areas

Unfortunately, itching sensations are often a normal part of healing. Though the Toronto hair transplant process is minimally invasive, the micro-incisions can become infected if exposed to bacteria on your fingers. As well, the small blood vessel connections which begin to form and establish your grafts shortly after surgery could be disrupted and damaged with contact. As tempting as it may be to scratch or rub the area, you’ll need to refrain. Your surgeon can prescribe medication to soothe itching or topical lotions that help ease the sensation. You may also find it helpful to cover up with a soft hat.

3. Keep your Head and Shoulders elevated

After a hair transplant in Toronto, your surgeon will give you instructions to minimize swelling and discomfort. These include keeping your head and shoulders elevated a little, even when sleeping. Propping up the head of your bed, roughly 35-45 degrees is ideal. You’ll also need to avoid bending over. Gravity has a powerful influence on blood pressure and resultant swelling in the scalp. Laying flat or bending over could mean pain, pressure, and even bleeding, so keep your head up until your surgeon clears you.

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4. Avoid aerobic exercise

Many Toronto hair transplant patients are fit and active people, so skipping the gym for a couple of weeks may feel frustrating, but it is necessary. Depending on your situation and your surgeon’s protocols, they may advise 1 to 2 weeks off from workouts. That means, while you can certainly walk around freely, no jogging, running and working up a sweat will be permitted.

Weightlifting is likewise ruled out because heavy lifting can increase blood pressure in the face and head. Your delicate new hair follicle grafts need stable blood flow to establish themselves and heal. Sweat makes it hard to keep the area clean, and blood pressure increases put your grafts at risk. The time will pass before you know it and once cleared, you can get back to working out full force.

5. Plan to wait for results

Patience is essential after a hair transplant because the results aren’t immediate as they are for some procedures. You’ll be limited by the natural growth cycles of hair, which means that new strands appear beginning at roughly three months and will slowly fill in during the following several months. Patients can expect to see 80% of their new hair growth by one-year post-procedure. It may feel like a long time while you wait, but the lasting years of fuller, thick and youthful hair are well worth it.

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