Hair Transplant Toronto: Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

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What can cause hair loss?

Toronto hair transplant patients will often research their procedures extensively before deciding to proceed. There is much info to be found on reputable websites, yet a few myths about hair loss persist as well. One of these is the notion that dandruff causes pattern hair loss. We’ll take a look at what causes this common condition and what you can do if it troubles you.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a dermatological condition of the scalp itself and not directly related to your hair. Dry, irritated or inflamed scalp skin can lead to flaking and itching. Many people experience temporary dryness and flakes in the cold, dry, winter months.

Seborrheic dermatitis is dandruff which troubles patients with an oily scalp and can result in large yellow or white skin flakes combined with inflammation. A build-up of flakes and oil on the scalp can also be the result of not washing hair well or often enough.

There are also fungal causes such as Malassezia known for excessive skin cell creation. Dermatitis, (skin irritation and resulting flakes) can be caused by irritating products such as perfumes and other hair care ingredients. All these issues relate to the scalp itself and should be identified then treated accordingly so hair can continue to grow unhindered.

How are dandruff and hair loss connected?

Hair transplants in Toronto are most often sought by those who have androgenic alopecia- a genetic predisposition to follicle miniaturization. In some cases, chronic scalp irritation can lead to excessive scratching, scrubbing and harsh chemical application, which may damage or temporarily pull out hairs. Men who are already concerned about a hereditary likelihood of hair thinning may be extra cautious about applying any treatments to their hair. strands which have been pulled out due to scratching, or even fallen out due to prolonged tension ( traction alopecia) will usually grow back in once the source of the problem is removed. Most available dandruff treatments are safe for hair and effective to treat the problem.

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What to do if you have dandruff

Don’t hesitate to see your doctor for assessment and advice if you have any skin condition or concern. They may recommend medicated treatment shampoos to reduce the itching or treat a fungal infection. If you see sudden bald patches or open areas on your skin, you should be treated by a physician. If you see hairline recession or thinning at your crown, you may have genetic pattern hair loss which is unrelated to dandruff, but very common for men and some women over the age of 40.

You can schedule a consultation with a Toronto hair transplant surgeon to talk about your concerns, evaluate your shedding, and learn about possible treatment options. Depending on the type and progression of your hair thinning, a combination of surgical and non-surgical restoration solutions could be advised. The next steps are up to you. Feel free to contact our hair experts today for your one-on-one consultation.

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