Technology is continuously evolving in the world of hair restoration, and we at Nova Medical Hair Transplant are committed to using the most cutting-edge technology available to guarantee that our patients get the best possible results from their treatment. The NeoGraft technique is available at our Toronto facility, while the ARTAS technique is available at our Oakville location.

Known for their excellent success rates and safety, both of these top hair restoration techniques are becoming more popular with patients in the Greater Toronto Area. Patients may now take advantage of these hair restoration methods and get the results they want as a result of recent breakthroughs in the industry.

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How Does Hair Loss Affect Patients In GTA?

Adults are more than 50% likely to suffer from alopecia, sometimes known as hair loss, at some point in their lives. Hair transplants, on the other hand, have provided comfort to many people throughout the years.

Patients who had early FUT treatments were left with noticeable donor scars on the back or sides of their heads for a period of time. Due to the invention of the FUE hair transplant procedure, it has become possible to overcome these disadvantages and get a hair transplant that is almost unnoticeable.

Surgical assistants, such as motorized handheld devices and image-guided precision robotic hair transplant systems, such as the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system and NeoGraft technology, are now available to assist in the harvesting and grafting of hair, thanks to advancements in technology.

Our ARTAS Hair Restoration Method In Oakville

This minimally invasive robotic hair transplantation technology is used to treat hair loss in both men and women who are experiencing thinning hair. The system features a powerful multi-camera stereoscopic vision system with 44-micron resolution, as well as a high-performance laser system. This mechanism, in conjunction with the device’s seven-axis robot arm, allows clinicians to perform automated treatments with the greatest level of accuracy. Follicular unit excision is a hair transplant procedure that is performed using the ARTAS system, which uses sophisticated algorithms and image-guided robots to augment manual hair transplant techniques. Because of its unrivaled efficiency and outcomes, this physician-assisted procedure has completely transformed the hair transplantation market.

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Is ARTAS A Good Fit For You?

When it comes to the ARTAS technique, it is best suited for those who keep their hair short and who only need mild activity limits following the treatment.

Please keep in mind, however, that if you are experiencing extensive hair loss, a robotic hair transplant may not be the best solution for you and one of our experts will be able to tailor an appropriate treatment plan for you during your consultation.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using The ARTAS Hair Transplant Method In Oakville?

Males and females who seek to restore thinning hair may find ARTAS Hair Restoration to be of assistance. The following are the most major benefits of ARTAS:

  • It is a treatment that results in minimal pain. 
  • During the procedure, no scalpel, suturing, or stitches are utilized, resulting in no linear scarring on the scalp. 
  • Identifies the most appropriate hair follicles for harvesting and protects the hair follicles that are already present. 
  • Makes accurate calculations of the exact depths and angles of the hair follicle units. 
  • It eliminates any possibility of manual depletion or human mistake from the equation. 
  • Precision robotics is used, which allows the treatment to be completed more quickly, accurately, and consistently. 
  • Delivers the finest quality of hair transplants in a single session, saving you time and money. 
  • The procedure has a quicker recovery period than the previous methods. 
  • The therapy produces hair that is long-lasting and natural-looking. 

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Thick & Healthy Hair

Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

Our NeoGraft Hair Restoration Method In Toronto

NeoGraft is a medical aesthetic device that is a successful treatment for hair loss in both men and women. An innovative hair transplant technique called NeoGraft enables hair follicles to be retrieved directly from the scalp in their naturally occurring groups of one to three hairs without the need to physically remove a strip of skin from the scalp. With the use of technological technology, it is possible to painlessly harvest your own unique hair follicles from locations where terminal hair occurs and then reimplant them where you are in need of hair. NeoGraft is often associated with a fuller, more natural-looking hairline that is free of obvious scars. A scalpel is not required for the NeoGraft micrograft hair transplant procedure, in contrast to the standard strip approach, which requires a physician to surgically remove a strip of the patient’s scalp. Instead, it makes use of an automated handpiece, which enables patients to experience little to no pain throughout the hair transplantation process. The NeoGraft hair restoration technique may be performed on both men and women with no adverse effects.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The NeoGraft Hair Transplant Method In Toronto?

Natural-Looking Result

Newly implanted hair follicles function in conjunction with the body’s normal hair development cycle, and results continue to improve with each passing week, with full realization occurring 9-12 months after the treatment has been completed.

Minimal Downtime And No Linear Scarring

While there is no completely non-invasive hair transplant treatment available, the NeoGraft FUE method is a minimally invasive hair restoration solution for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. There is no visible scarring and the recovery time is short.

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Is NeoGraft A Good Fit For You?

NeoGraft has quickly become one of the most popular treatment options for patients in Toronto. High levels of patient satisfaction have been reported after NeoGraft FUE hair restoration procedures on all hair types. To find out if NeoGraft is the right treatment for you, book a consultation with one of our experts and we would be happy to create a treatment plan suitable to you.

State-of-the-art FUE

Scar-less Hair Restoration with results in less than 120days.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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Hairline restored with No Linear Scar

Learn about the advanced hair transplant technology Called Follicular Unit Extraction

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