Why do more men and women of all ages choose FUE?

Follicular unit extraction, (or excision) is known as FUE in Toronto. It’s become the most in-demand method for hair transplant surgery, surpassing the previously popular FUT ( strip method.) Why do more men and women of all ages go this route? FUE costs a little more than other techniques, but patients feel the value is worth it. We’re going to explain a few of the leading benefits and let you know why you may want to consider this permanent hair restoration too at Nova Medical Hair Transplant

Want minimal scarring?

FUE in Toronto can result in a “scarless” look because the tiny incisions are so small and diffused within surrounding hair that they’re difficult to detect. A desire to avoid scarring is one of the top reasons why people pass on the strip method and go for FUE instead.

Alternative techniques utilize removal of a strip of the scalp. This long piece of tissue excised from the back of the head in most cases, causes a long scar to form in its place. If the patient wears their hair long, it may not be visible. Sometimes the scar widens, or the patient prefers to wear their hair short and can’t do so without giving their treatment away.

FUE in Toronto is performed with advanced digital and robotic equipment that streamlines the process for greater accuracy, follicle graft preservation, and higher graft volumes in a session. Precise, individual unit removal results in tiny holes at the donor site- less than 1 mm in most cases. These small extraction sites close quickly and shouldn’t be noticeable once healed- even with short hairstyles.

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Best FUE

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Celebrities have long been able to find the leading-edge, most effective solutions in the hair transplant industry, especially when it comes to FUE, and gain flawless results. Today, however, this hair restoration procedure can help men of all means with their hair loss in Toronto. Answer our few simple questions to see if you can be the next candidate for the FUE Hair Transplant.

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FUE is for the face too

With improved technology comes greater versatility. Today’s precision devices allow surgeons to remove grafts as small as a single hair. Those single follicle transplants can be placed in a thin or patchy beard, sideburns or even eyebrows. Imagine the freedom for men and women who no longer need to rely on makeup, tattoos or camouflage tricks to have the facial hair they’re missing. Once healed and growing on its own, facial hair transplants are permanent. Passing the test for natural-looking results even up close, Toronto FUE specialists can place single follicles in realistic and believable patterns on the face or in the hairline so that no one knows it didn’t grow there on its own.

FUE is for men and women

Sometimes women who wear their hair long, and see diffused hair loss all over their scalp, will still opt for the strip method. It allows a high number of grafts to be dissected from a comparatively small area. The scar is hidden in the hair. That isn’t the only choice for females, however. Increasingly, “no-shave” FUE and meticulous individual hair graft techniques can be used for women too.

Traction alopecia is a problem of balding and hairline recession that affects people who wear consistently tight hairstyles. People who use hair weaves, tight braids or dreadlocks often suffer permanent hair follicle damage at points of scalp tension. Spot treatment with FUE can restore growing hair to these areas.

If you’re seeking lasting improvement for your thinning, balding hair, FUE may be right for you. We welcome you to contact the Hair Institute and arrange your first consultation today.

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Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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Hairline restored with No Linear Scar

Learn about the advanced hair transplant technology Called Follicular Unit Extraction

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