Have you ever had to deal with hair loss? Do you have a perfect-looking beard with thick and dense hair, or are you one of those individuals that struggles to get that look? If so, you are not alone. Throughout their lifetimes, a large number of men suffer from these problems.

Face hair may be quite essential for your self-esteem and attractiveness, and we at Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Toronto realize this. As a result, we provide FUE hair restoration for your facial hair at our facility. Hair loss has never been addressed in such a comprehensive way as this. When considering this form of therapy, you may be wondering how much it would cost you in the long run. We’re here to explain it all to you. Continue reading to find out more about FUE facial hair transplants and how much they can cost you in the city of Toronto.

In 2022, How Much Will A Beard Transplant Cost?

The cost of a beard transplant ranges from $1,500 to $10,500, depending on the severity of the procedure. While we cannot offer a specific price for your transplant, it’s important to remember that every patient is different and will be looking for different types of results. The following are some of the factors that may make a difference in the cost:

The Location: 

For example, the cost of a beard transplant in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada is 1.5-3 times greater than the cost in Turkey and Poland. This is due to the fact that medical treatments in certain states are more expensive than in others. As a result, people choose to visit abroad in order to have a low-cost beard transplant. This however, may not be a good option in some cases. Visiting different countries for hair transplants at a lower cost will enable you to pay traveling fees and hotel fees as well. Going to a local hair transplant clinic is an affordable option. 

The Medical Facility:

More expensive procedures are offered by medical institutions with a strong brand and a long history of success than by freshly launched clinics. The latter, on the other hand, provide more reasonable prices in order to attract patients. 

The Doctor’s Abilities: 

The fees for consultations and treatment packages for specialists with more extensive expertise may be more than for those with less extensive experience. 

The Technique

The cost of emerging procedures like robotic ARTAS transplantation, DHI, and Sapphire FUE is greater. FUE or FUT are less expensive options available in Toronto that still provide phenomenal outcomes. 

The Number Of Grafts 

The cost of a complete beard transplant is more costly than the cost of a partial beard transplant. The overall cost will be determined by the cost of each graft. A beard transplant expert will talk with you to determine how many grafts you will need to get the desired result.

What Other Factors Influence The Cost Of A Beard Transplant?

The cost of a facial hair transplant is heavily influenced by the quantity of grafts necessary to completely cover the regions that are missing hair, as we’ve previously mentioned. As a result, you should inquire about the beard transplant cost per graft from the clinics when doing your pricing comparisons. The facility where you have your beard transplant is also a significant influence in determining the cost of your beard transplant.

In most cases, health insurance does not cover beard transplants since they are considered aesthetic procedures. Furthermore, extra expenditures such as transportation, preoperative counseling, and follow-up care may be incurred as a result of the beard transplant.

What Is The Cause Of My Patchy Beard?

Some men experience uneven facial hair development, and others have difficulty growing any facial hair at all, depending on their genetics. What are the factors that contribute to your beard not being as thick as other men’s? The source of sparse, patchy facial hair is almost always out of your hands and beyond your control. 


Not only do your genes influence the volume of hair that develops, but they also influence the color of your hair and the general look of your hair. In the event that your father had the ability to grow a thick beard, it is probable that you will also have the same beard-growing genes. 

The Circulation of the Blood 

Hair follicles are thought to get nutrients and hormones via the bloodstream. Because some men have worse blood flow in the face region, a patchy beard may be a contributing factor to this condition. 


Hormones have an important part in the appearance of the beard. Your body’s capacity to develop hair on your face may be influenced by the amounts of DHT and testosterone in your system.

Thick & Healthy Hair

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How Do Beard Transplants Work?

It takes a long time to extract and replant 2,000 hairs one at a time, which is a tedious process. A beard transplant, on the other hand, does not take as long as you may think: it can be finished in a single eight-hour day.

The FUE method, which is an abbreviation for follicular unit transfer, is then used to remove hairs one at a time. Previously, surgeons would remove a strip of skin containing hair follicles from the back of the scalp, leaving a visible scar across the back of the head. When compared to conventional surgery, FUE is almost imperceptible. The doctor next performs a series of small incisions in the beard region, which dictate the direction, density, and angulation of the hair that will develop in the future. The skill with which your doctor performs this procedure will affect how natural your beard appears after it has grown out.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant And How Does It Work?

The benefit of using the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant method is that it fully eliminates the need for a linear scar at the donor location in the back of the head once the procedure is completed. Harvesting hair grafts one at a time using accurate punch blades 0.8 to 1mm in diameter allows for this to be achieved with little downtime.

Instead of creating a linear scar, the FUE procedure creates a series of tiny scars that are almost imperceptible and scattered around the back of the scalp. Once the microscopic incisions on your scalp have healed, you will be able to shave your head or wear a very short hairstyle without worrying about noticeable scars.

Our Specialized Technique For Facial Hair Transplants

The treatments are designed to restore thicker, fuller facial hair in regions where hair development is weak or non-existent in the first place. The size of the region to be treated and the quantity of grafts necessary are two factors that influence the cost of the surgery. In the facial hair transplantation process we may use grafts comprising one to two hairs, expertly and aesthetically putting the grafts at the proper angle and direction to give the most realistic look possible.

We may treat many distinct locations of the face with a facial hair transplant, each of which normally needs a different number of grafts on average: the temples, the chin, the ear, the chin and the earlobes.

We will then employ small incisions and grafts that have been microscopically divided to reduce scarring and achieve a more natural-looking outcome. Transplanted hairs grow and may be shaved in the same way as your natural facial hair does, if you so choose.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Facial Hair Transplant?

Facial hair transplantation using FUE techniques is an excellent alternative for patients who have thin or spotty beard growth as well as thin sideburns, thin mustache, and thin eyebrows.

The same as with any other hair transplant, facial hair transplants need a sufficient number of donor hairs to be performed successfully. During your first appointment, we will determine whether or not you have sufficient hairs to achieve your desired results and get the appearance you want.

Facial hair transplants provide a number of advantages, including a short recovery period.
It is normal to have some redness and slight edema after the treatment, but these typically subside over the next several days.

Benefits Of Facial Hair Transplants In Toronto

Permanent Hair For The Face 

Individuals who suffer with or lack facial hair might benefit from this treatment since it is a permanent remedy. 

Appearance That Is Natural 

When conducted by a skilled hair restoration company, the outcomes of facial hair restoration are absolutely natural-looking. 

Increased Confidence Levels

Several studies have shown that men with facial hair are more appealing and attractive, since it conveys a sense of power and self-confidence.

What To Look For When Choosing A Clinic 

It is important to choose a trained surgeon and a reputable facility in order to get a natural-looking outcome. In order to put your face in their hands, you need to ensure the following:

#1. Training: 

All professional hair transplant surgeons who have received their training from well-established specialists often provide these data on their websites or in their bios. 

#2. Practice And Time: 

It takes time and consistent practice to become proficient at FUE. Obtain information on how many years your surgeon has been doing this procedure as well as how many individuals they have assisted. 

# 3: Technique: 

Whether you prefer a certain sort of treatment, such as manual FUE, check with your surgeon to see if he or she has expertise with that specific technique. 

#4 Specialization: 

Surgeons who only specialize in hair transplantation tend to have greater expertise and knowledge than those who provide a variety of services. This will demonstrate that they have a well-deserved reputation for expertise and are up to date on the most recent developments. 

#5. Competent, Friendly, And Educated Staff: 

Finding a clinic with a knowledgeable, pleasant, and educated staff is essential – it is not only about the surgeon. 

#6. Consultation: 

Confirm if the clinic provides consultations in order to rule out any underlying issues that may be impacting your beard’s development. They should also use sophisticated software of some type to assess your hair density so that they can determine the number of donor follicles you have available and the number of transplants you’ll need. 

The top beard transplant clinics understand that not everyone is a suitable candidate for a beard transplantation procedure. Be alert if they pressure you into making a choice quickly, especially if they offer you a discount in return for your time. 

#7 The Use High-Quality Instruments: 

Mechanical tools, like any other piece of equipment, must be of good quality and carefully maintained. Inquire about the instruments they use and the company that makes them. 

Find Out How Much Your Beard Transplant Will Cost You

We hope this brief guide provides you with everything you need to know regarding the transplant and the cost you can expect to pay. If you’re wanting to find out how much your beard transplant will cost you, contact our clinic today. Our helpful team of nurses and medical experts would be happy to set you up with a consultation with our board-certified hair transplant surgeon. 

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