Have you wondered whether your lifestyle and even your sex life might change after your hair transplant?

Patients can undoubtedly expect to feel more confident and possibly sexier when their results grow in. They may not realize that there’s a brief period of activity restriction while recovering. It’s worth considering what activities you enjoy now that need to be placed on hold. That includes working out at the gym, swimming, and yes- even sex. Before you get discouraged, read on to find out how brief this necessary but temporary restriction will be for getting hair transplant in Toronto

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Most surgeons will provide instructions for excellent recovery, long before the day of your procedure. You’ll know, for instance, if there are any medications or supplements you need to discontinue for a while. They’ll also let you know how long healing takes and what to do or avoid while you heal.

Even though a hair transplant is minimally invasive, any time an incision is made in the skin, special care to avoid infection, bleeding or healing impairment is essential.

An experienced hair transplant specialist will ensure you’ve got all the info you need to be safe and heal optimally.

How does sex relate to your recovery?

You may be thinking, “if I avoid touching my hair during sex, why does it still pose a risk?” The factor many patients aren’t aware of is blood pressure. The same consideration for blood pressure and heart rate increases will require you to stay out of the gym and take it easy for a couple of weeks. Sex is like aerobic exercise. In most cases, the heart rate and blood pressure will naturally increase, and the blood in your body will pump harder. The pressure in each little vessel increases, which means your newly implanted grafts and their blood supply will feel the pressure. Your scalp is very vascular. That’s great news for graft nourishment and rapid recovery, but if you bend over, workout, engage in sex or other cardio activity, you could increase the pressure in scalp blood vessels. This, in turn, leads to unwanted bleeding or could even push the grafts out.

Even without visible evidence of bleeding, swelling and discomfort in the scalp may increase along with pressure.

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How long do recovery restrictions last?

After a hair transplant, Toronto patients are advised to refrain from shampooing as usual for roughly one week. They’ll be permitted to carefully rinse the hair according to their surgeon’s instructions. Be sure to stay out of swimming pools, hot tubs and baths as well. Each of these can introduce bacteria to the graft incisions and put you at risk.

For regular workout routines and sexual activity, most people will be permitted to resume them between 10 – 14 days after their procedure.

Keep in mind that light activity is just fine while you recover, and you certainly won’t be bed-ridden. Patients often return to desk work by 3 – 5 days after a hair transplant and they can socialize with or without covering their scalp in a soft hat. If you plan to be out in the sun, a hat is a good idea, and throughout the first year, the application of sunscreen can help keep your scars light and inconspicuous.

For more tips about healing quickly and safely post-hair transplant, feel free to contact us at the Toronto Hair Transplant Institute.

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